Xbox 360 keeps updating games

Unless the only way to get ird is that we HAVE TO buy the Time Saver Pack, as that has been yet unbought. It looks like there is the same problem listed in these threads: For what you pay for an Xbox, there’s a lot that seems to go catastrophically wrong.Likewise, there are also the two Xbox 360 games that can be played via Backwards Compatibility and available for free this month.Right now players can download Star Wars: The Force Unleased II, but from the 16th players will instead be able to download LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga up until the end of the month on May 31st.Remove the update by navigating to: Delete System Update will appear, make sure there is no media in your disc drive and select YES.You system will restart and appear to hang DO NOT TURN IT OFF OR MESS WITH IT!Is anyone else getting this or does anyone else know what is happening here and why?Also annoyingly, and possibly relatedly, the link to the store in Easy Drive keep climing there is new content for me to view, even though by this point, there isn't.

You could send it in to Microsoft, but then that usually requires 2-4 weeks of no Xbox. If there is dirt or dust on the laser lens, your system will eventually fail to read the game disc.If you have the new kinect xbox 360 dashboard and you cannot get your xbox 360 console to read your game discs or DVDs, you are not alone.An update that was recently applied through Xbox Live makes your discs unreadable.Red ring of death, DVD drive failures, and excessive overheating come to mind.Today’s frustration focuses on a more in-depth problem: why won’t my Xbox 360 read game discs?

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