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If you are updating a custom module rather than a contributed module, if you see a message saying , or if the steps below do not work to obtain the new module files, follow the steps in Section 11.6, “Manually Downloading Module or Theme Files”.You can then continue here with step 6 in the instructions for the administrative interface below.A patch will make it possible to re-apply changes once a newer version of DKAN is added to the ‘profiles/dkan’ directory.

To find instructions, check the module’s project page that come with the module’s installation file.community documentation page "Updating modules"Attributions Adapted by Boris Doesborgh, and Sarah German at Advomatic, from "Updating modules", copyright 2000-2016 by the individual contributors to the Drupal Community Documentation.This page is generated from Ascii Doc source from the User Guide.You can read more about the process of updating module's in the User Guide, 13.6 Updating A Module.Or in the documentation at Update Procedure for Drupal 8.

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The Update-Module cmdlet installs a newer version of a Windows Power Shell module that was installed from the online gallery by running Install-Module on the local computer.

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