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Downtown Beloit also accesses the formerly industrial Rock River, offering walking, jogging, biking and kayaking opportunities, making it the perfect get-away for lovers of all kinds.

If you go: Start the day with a farm-fresh breakfast at Bushel & Peck’s—they also offer a selection of specialty groceries, including treats from their preservation kitchen.

During Homecoming 2016, Jordan White ran his campaign to raise awareness of sex trafficking in Virginia as part of his “It Happens Here” campaign.

Since September, White, along with Kirsten Mitchell and Caroline Omland, have created a new student organization to continue the work of the homecoming campaign called "It Happens Here."The group has three main goals: to educate people about sex trafficking, to raise money to help support victims of sex trafficking and to influence legislation at both the state and federal level.

She brings to this role a range of student affairs experience, including residence life, orientation, assessment, and leadership and has a demonstrated commitment to women's and gender issues.

Mallory recently completed her master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Florida State University. Lynne handles the business needs for the Women’s Center, which include reconciliations, wage payroll, ordering supplies and keeping track of the budget.

Their concerts repeatedly faced difficulties with organisers and local authorities, and public appearances often ended in mayhem.

A small town with urban flair, Beloit celebrates the arts and embraces its American Industrial history.

Located on the Wisconsin-Illinois border, Beloit boasts a downtown full of early 20th century vernacular architecture, with plenty of seasonal plantings and artwork to add to the romantic charm.

Ivanhoe Village also prides itself on being “open minded, artistic, friendly and multi-cultural.” If you go: Nothing says romance like a love note—start your day at Paper Goat Post for everything you need to share your sweet nothings in style.

(They also offer wedding planning services.) Creative juices flowing?

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The student group is fully aware of the belief that porn depicts consensual sex with actors who are paid for their services.

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