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"He raised me hard, and when I say hard, I mean hard.I was taught to fight for everything," Harmon told The two, however, shared a love of sports.But Harmon shrugged it off."The show had a good week, I guess."Make that two good weeks: Each of the past two episodes of "NCIS" was watched by more than 21 million viewers.By comparison, the final episode of "Lost" pulled in 13.5 million viewers.Glasberg told TV Guide, "In the opening episode, there's mention, there's discussion [of Tony].

"We have a group of people on this show - and when I say 'people,' I mean in front of the camera and behind the camera - who have a huge volume of experience in both good and not-so-good, and the appreciation level on this show for what this is and how we got there is just so rare.All are still part of the "NCIS" cast."When we first sat and read this pilot script, we all came to the same reasons why we liked it: They were characters that we wanted to play, and there was humor," Harmon said."Yeah, there was a case, but the case wasn't what drove the show.He then left the law to work for an advertising agency.NCIS season 14 premieres this Tuesday, 20 September, at 8pm EST on CBS Network, without its Special Agent Tony Di Nozzo (played by Michael Weatherly).

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After various guest appearances and minor roles, Pitt gained notoriety for his supporting role in Thelma and Louise before going on to star in the Academy-Award winning film A River Runs Through It.

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