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When I was born, the doctor & midwife couldn't decide if I was a boy or a girl.

Really really hard question, thank God I havent had to make it! Did they say what would happen if they let nature take its course?The term “hermaphrodite” is applied to human beings who possess both male and female genitalia, however, this biological condition is very rare among humans.There are three types of hermaphrodites: “true,” “female pseudo-hermaphrodite,” and “male pseudo-hermaphrodite.” The main difference among these three hermaphroditical types is the nature of the sexual organs.My mother was advised to put me through surgery to make it all look female, and raise me as a girl.But my mother was smart and forward-thinking (she was a hippie, and a bit of an anarchist,which probably helped). "If you make her a girl, then later he grows up and decides that he's a boy, is the surgery reversible? So she told them to leave me alone until I was sure what gender I was.

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Do you think people who were born intersexed are being deceiptful if they don't tell a potential future partner? I didnt watch the programme, but it sounds interesting.

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