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To just read the 6 comics, scroll past the text to the next comic strip.)Martha: Bob called! Staci: This was interesting -- one little phone call for lunch and we're talking about Bob all afternoon...

Jered is attracted to women, but is simply too focused on his job and sports. Although his friends and family all call him "Dave," he insists women call him “David.” He thinks his formal name is "more appealing to the ladies." Dave will do or say just about anything, if he thinks it will attract women. Stan lives across the hall from Dave and Jered, and works with Staci.

The singles feel inadequate in comparison to such extreme perfection.

Ben and Emily have three children: Sam, Sarah, and Isaac.

He just left me a message saying he wanted to have lunch. Or, maybe he's too cheap to take a girl out on a date! He's finally returning my call from when I asked him to lunch!

Staci: Maybe he is interested, but he wants to start out with lunch and take it slow.

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