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All but the garment and data entry work is done at the Penitentiary. Inmates are offered literacy, Adult Basic Education and GED classes.The state Department of Health provides medical, dental and optometric services for the adult corrections system.Though a large portion of the original buildings remain, numerous structural changes have occurred over the years. The Jameson Annex contains three housing units within a secure perimeter and a Community Work Center for inmates on work release and community service status and parolees in the Community Transition Program, which is located outside the perimeter fence.The main Penitentiary facility contains three housing units. Inmate employment within the Penitentiary falls into two basic categories; institutional support and prison industries.He was sentenced to probation for pointing a gun at police in 2012.Sioux Falls emergency crews are working to rescue a woman trapped following a building collapse in downtown.Police say airport security found marijuana in his carry-on bag.

Prison Industries consists of upholstery, printing, sign, decal, license plates, carpentry, book bindery, machine shop, Braille unit, garments and data entry.Legislative pages apply through their schools to gain work experience in the state’s legislative sessions and are given accommodation while working for a term.Mr Nelson said: “The facts are, this body went through a very public and ugly trial about a decade ago. But his colleagues voted to set up a committee to investigate his actions, and they were scheduled to meet Tuesday. — A South Dakota legislator who admitted having sexual contact with two interns resigned on Monday, saying he regretted his actions during the past two legislative sessions. Mathew Wollmann, 26, said last week that both interns were over age 21 and that the contact during the 20 legislative sessions was consensual.

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